Deepak Saini

Deepak Saini,

Hi there! I am Deepak Saini. I am a Research Engineer at Microsoft Research where I work on large scale recommendation problems. My work has an intersection between machine learning and efficient system design. I work on developing and deploying Extreme Classification (XC) algorithms with guidance from Manik Varma. Algorithms developed by me are deployed on Bing, MSN and other Microsoft products where they are helping hundreds of millions of users and (in-process) generating millions of dollars in revenue by showing more relevant and presonalized recommendations.
Before joining MSR, I worked as AI Engineer at Zomato to determine the best personalized ordering of restaurants for users on the App home page. Previously, I had obtained a Bachelor's and Master's degree in Computer Science and Engineering from IIT Delhi in 2018


  • Now a Senior Applied Scientist at Bing Ads! August, 2022

  • Gave talk at the 2021 Microsoft Research Summit in the "Future of Search and Recommendation" track October, 2021

  • Won the Bing Ads Greatness Award in the Engineering Excellence category for work on combining Extreme Classification and Siamese Networks October, 2021

  • SiameseXML: Siamese Networks meet Extreme Classifiers with 100M Labels accepted at International Conference on Machine Learning, Virtual Only, 2021 May, 2021

  • Gave talk to the Financial Modelling Group at BlackRock on Extreme Classification and its potential applications in financial recommendations March, 2021

  • GalaXC: Graph Neural Networks with Labelwise Attention for Extreme Classification accepted at International World Wide Web Conference, Slovenia, 2021 January, 2021

  • Gave talk on DeepXML: A Framework for Deep Extreme Classification Applied to Recommending 100 Million Items at the Technical Advisory Board meeting (Microsoft Research India‚Äôs annual meeting) January, 2021

  • DeepXML: A deep extreme multi-Label learning framework applied to short text documents accepted at Web Search and Data Mining (WSDM), Israel, 2021 November, 2020

  • DECAF: Deep extreme classification with label features accepted at Web Search and Data Mining (WSDM), Israel, 2021 November, 2020

  • Now a Research Software Development Engineer II at MSR! November, 2019

  • Joined MSR India as Research Software Development Engineer! Decemner, 2018

  • Joined Zomato as AI Engineer! June, 2018